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When you purchase a vehicle from Military AutoSource Lakenheath Commissary you are also given the option to purchase our owners protection plan with your new purchase, learn more below.

Owners protection plan

Here at Military AutoSource Lakenheath Commissary, we understand how important it is that your vehicle works as it should, for those times when things go wrong, its important to know you’ll have the piece of mind everything will be ok.

Our owners protection plan is designed to take care of you .

  1. Worldwide warranty coverage
  2. Access to rental cars
  3. Towing assitance
  4. Assistance with local repair centers

Major component coverage

For a detailed list of what items are covered please contact us.

Our owners protection plan covers all major components on your new vehicle or Harley Davidson.

We have warranty centers all over Europe and in the States on stand by to assist you if you experience any breakdowns.

We have local experts on the ground here in Europe to assist with local logistical challenges as well as language barriers you may face.


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Our phone lines are open from 7.00am through 11.00PM everyday so if you need any information come visit us or call us: 01638-533120.

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